The Xylok Scanner is a one-stop RMF compliance auditing and monitoring solution. Check every compliance requirement your organization faces via a single tool.

What do we do?

We address what an accreditor will be looking at when they come to examine your system; your compliance with RMF, the DISA STIGs, and other benchmarks. We provide a single interface for monitoring the compliance of your system.

The Xylok Scanner will give you ability to:

There's a whole suite of features that make this possible.

Try it out

An integral part of the Xylok Scanner is the benchmark browser. If you dislike the DISA STIG viewer, give our benchmark viewer a try.

Professional services and Accreditation

Xylok provides cybersecurity and compliance services and solutions throughout the Air Force. As a General Agent of the Security Control Assessor (ASCA) for the Air Force and Special ASCA for Air Force Space Command, Xylok serves as an independent and trusted agent to conduct system security assessments, test and evaluate systems, and develop the needed documentation in support of the DoD’s assessment and authorization process.

Need help keeping up with your organization's compliance needs? Our team of experienced professionals can do the work for you, using the Xylok Scanner. A partial list of what we offer can be found on our Pricing page.

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