Xylok Announces Fixed ASCA Pricing

Published 23 April, 2019

Xylok is proud to announce new fixed-cost pricing for RMF Assessments (the RMF accreditation process). As an Agent for the Security Control Assessor (ASCA), Xylok performs all the required RMF assessment technical scans, process and documentation reviews, and reporting for the SCA. Xylok completes all these requirements in 10 weeks. By offering a fixed price and a fixed timeline, organizations are able to budget for the accreditation process and determine the appropriate time to schedule Xylok as the ASCA. Xylok is the only ASCA to offer this service for a fixed price and timeline. (Xylok holds both General Air Force ASCA and Special Space ASCA licenses.)

Additional is available on Xylok’s Pricing page.