Test facility environment

Xylok LLC was founded in 2016 to develop a commercial version of the 2016 AFRC Information Dominance Award winning SPEAR (the System, Planning, Execution, Analysis, and Reporting tool). SPEAR was developed in response to the needs of the Air Force and the shortcomings existing tools presented. Specifically, SPEAR was designed to:

Using the lessons learned from using SPEAR for years of operational cybersecurity testing across the Air Force and DoD, the Xylok Scanner was developed to give more organizations access to these capabilities.

If you work with the Air Force or the DoD, your organization faces these same challenges. Other tools fall short, check out our comparison page to see what Xylok offers.

Leadership Team

Xylok LLC is a veteran-owned and operated small business. All leadership team members are currently-serving Air Force Reservists.

Bryce Batchman

Bryce brings 14+ years experience in compliance and IT management, making him an industry expert on DISA STIGs, benchmarks, and compliance requirements.

Previously he:

Kevin Pridgeon

Kevin is the head of the strategic development team for Xylok. He was instrumental in designing and building SPEAR. Kevin also built the training and documentation for how the overall system should work.

Previously he:

Ryan Morehart

Ryan is the lead developer of the Xylok Scanner and, formerly, SPEAR. He brings years of experience taking products from idea to reality in practical, user-friendly ways.

Previously he: